Where Should You Serve?

We encourage everyone who calls EDAC home to serve once a month on Sundays. Not only do we think it’ll help you grow and flourish, we need you! Not sure what area will be best? Explore below by clicking the plus signs, or Contact Us!


Keep children safe and cared for, freeing parents up to get the most out of the Sunday service.

Volunteers are rostered once a month, in either the first or second service (not both).

Children's Church

Teaching gospel truths in age-appropriate, interactive ways during the Sunday service. There’s both a Pre School and a Primary group.

Volunteers are rostered once a month, in either the first or second service (not both).


An encouraging, supportive and laid back community of mums, dads and pre-school-aged children connecting through relationships and messy, sensory play weekly on Wednesdays during the school term.

Volunteers take on a specific role as negotiated with Team Leaders.

Kids Club

A Kids Club with two sub groups (lower and upper primary) meeting on Friday nights during the school term for fun, zany activities, gospel teaching and food.

Volunteers are expected to serve weekly if possible, and are given a specific role as negotiated with the Team Leaders. Roles range from helping welcome and build relationship with parents to cleaning up, supervising pool time, running activities and everything in between.


‘People’ people inspiring and encouraging others to commit fully to EDAC.

Volunteers are always ‘on mission’, encouraging others to be committed, worshipping members of the EDAC family; they’re also rostered once a month to greet people before both the first and second Sunday services (ie. you need to arrive early AND repeat your role during morning tea time as people arrive for the second service).


Inspiring and modelling genuine, heartfelt worship through song during the Sunday service.

Volunteers are rosterered once to twice a month, arriving early and contributing to both the first and second Sunday morning services (with the option to leave during the Hi – 5 of the second service).

Packup or Setup Host

Creating a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment for those attending our Sunday services.

Volunteers are rostered on either a setup or packup team depending on their preference, serving once a month. Setup teams arrive early to prepare the church facilities; packup teams stay to tidy up, empty bins and spot vacuum.

EDAC Youth

A weekly high-school aged youth group seeking to share the gospel with participants and their families, and building a transition between Kids Club and the church.

Volunteers are expected to come weekly and to build relationships with the participants, as well as helping with other practical aspects of the running of each night.

Morning Tea & Barista

Providing food and bevvies after morning tea on Sundays and setting up and cleaning up the kitchen and cafe.

Baristas are rostered once a month, usually with a co-barista, and morning tea members once every one or two months.

EDAC Seniors

Sharing about Jesus and creating community through relationships, activities and the invitation to connect with EDAC in a monthly community group or through the monthly Seniors Bible Study.

Volunteers’ roles are negotiated with the Team Leader depending on the group’s needs and the volunteer’s giftings and preferences. Typical needs include packing up, setting up, building relationship with seniors, and providing transport help.

Life Group Leader

Facilitating a Life Group and taking on a pastoral role so group members are encouraged and cared for.

Life Group leaders are expected to facilitate a weekly (or fortnightly) group of people who do faith and life together, under the direction and leadership of Pastor Russell.

Men's and Women's Ministry

Spiritual encouragement and connection with others within the church.

Volunteers’ roles are negotiated with the Team Leaders depending on the group’s needs and the volunteer’s giftings and preferences.

Serve Forms

If you haven’t served at EDAC before please fill out a “First Serve” form. If you are already serving use the “Add New Area” and “Discontinue” forms to adjust your level of service.

Children's Ministry Forms

All EDAC volunteers who desire to do ministry with children must first complete a Children’s Ministry Volunteer Application (CMVA).
To continue ministry with children, the Code of Conduct must be agreed to annually.