Where Should I Serve?

We encourage everyone who calls EDAC home to serve once a month on Sundays. Not only do we think it’ll help you grow and flourish, we need you! Not sure what area will be best? Explore below by clicking the plus signs, or Contact Us!


Help provide care, teaching, worship experiences and fellowship for infants and toddlers while freeing parents up to engage more fully during the Sunday service. Volunteers are rostered on once a month in either the first or second service (not both!).

Children’s Church

Help provide a holistic, age-appropriate church experience for pre-school and primary-aged kids. Volunteers are rostered on once a month in either the first or second service (not both!).


A mid-week group of parents and children under schooling age, providing fellowship and children’s free play.

Armadale Youth & Young Adults

Games and fellowship for youth and young adults.


The Connect Team are our Sunday service go-to people for welcoming regulars and guests, and encouraging people to connect in and experience the fullness of the EDAC community by encouraging them to attend life groups, ministry and regular Sunday services.


Inspiring and modelling genuine, heartfelt worship through song during the Sunday service. Volunteers are rosterered once to twice a month, arriving early and contributing to both the first and second Sunday morning services (with the option to leave during the Hi – 5 of the second service).


Creating a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment for those attending our Sunday services. Volunteers are rostered on either a setup or packup team depending on their preference, serving once a month. Setup teams arrive early to prepare the church facilities; packup teams stay to tidy up, empty bins and spot vacuum.

EDAC Youth

Help provide a safe and structured place for fun, fellowship and frivolity, while equipping high school aged young people to access the Bible and hear the Gospel both while at the group, and beyond. Help build bridges between these young people and their families, and the EDAC community.

Morning Tea

Morning tea volunteers provide Sunday service cups of tea, percolated coffee and often a small snack, through setting up and packing up the morning tea areas once every second month.


If you’ve got some mad milk steaming and shot pouring skills, consider joining our team of baristas, who make coffee for those wishing to purchase something a little more fancy during the Sunday service morning tea. Some training can be provided but at least some experience is desirable!

EDAC Seniors

Provide a safe and welcoming group for our older EDAC members as well as reaching out to the wider community. Contribute towards a Gospel-centred, fun and dedicated place for sharing the ups and downs of what is both a rewarding and challenging season of life.

Men’s and Women’s Ministry

Events and encouragement designed for the specific and differentiated encouragement of men and women.

Serve Forms

If you haven’t served at EDAC before please fill out a “First Serve” form. If you are already serving use the “Add New Area” and “Discontinue” forms to adjust your level of service.

Children's Ministry Forms

All EDAC volunteers who desire to do ministry with children must first complete a Children’s Ministry Volunteer Application (CMVA). To continue ministry with children, the Code of Conduct must be agreed to annually.