EDAC Mission and Ministry Values

EDAC’s Mission
To bring people to Christ in all his fullness and help them to grow in the faith so that they:
• become worshipping members in his family;
• develop Christian maturity;
• are equipped for ministry in the church; and
• fulfil their part in the Great Commission; in order to magnify God’s holy name.

EDAC’s Ministry Values
1. The joy of the Lord is our strength.
Christian work should be joyous, not laborious. We should do things because we want to and because we like to, not because we have to. Our work then must be an overflow of who we are on the inside, not a task we perform. Doing should come from being, and when it does it is done joyfully. This means that I am always reluctant to put pressure on people to do something.

2. Sustainable in the long term.
A church should only ask its members to be involved at a level that can be sustained over the long term. Proper Christian living means that we fulfil our obligations in every field of life. This can’t happen if “church” gobbles up too much time.

3. Each part of the body does its part.
Each bit does its bit! Everyone who is a Christian is part of the Body of Christ. The whole body works because each part does. Each person should minister in the ministry they are made for by God and using their talents and gifts for others. Let’s all work together to have a clearer picture not only of where and how we are going, but of where each of us fits in with the total work of the body.

4. Growth is valued above success.
We must be free to fail. All must accept that nothing is done perfectly; what is important is the growth (improvement) that should be occurring. This of course means that we also accept that we CAN and SHOULD improve, but this should be done gently, not harshly or with a critical spirit.

5. Order but not rigidity.
A body that is rigid is dead. We need structure like bones to hold us together. But we also must be flexible. This includes the fact that there are many ways to do many things. We must accept that others can do things differently to us, and we should realise that structures set up in the past may need to be changed in the future.

6. Pursue love, desire gifts.
Our goal is to love God and the people we come in contact with. This means we want to do good to them. Spiritual gifts are valuable tools which can help us love others and we should desire them to be had and used by ourselves and others for this purpose. Love however remains the measure of a person’s response to God, not the gifts God gives him to use for this purpose.

7. Save and train our own.
We must make it our goal to win people for Christ and not to build our church at the expense of others. These converts are then to be trained and equipped to serve in the church or to be sent to serve elsewhere. Nevertheless we do welcome any who do move in from other places as bonuses sent from God.