EDAC Membership Information

This information is to help you understand more about membership in EDAC, and answer some frequently asked questions. For some of you, a quick one line statement may be all you would ever want, while others may need every single detail. It is not a simple matter, but we have tried to quickly but adequately cover the most important points.

Membership in an Alliance church is open to any adult Christian who; believes in the basic doctrines of the Christian Church, attends a local Alliance church, and desires to be committed to this church. We will cover it in three parts:

(A) About Membership
This part addresses some common questions or objections surrounding church membership

(B) About the C&MA
Here you can find the beliefs and practices of the C&MA, as well as some history

(C) Becoming a Member
This part gives the nuts and bolts of what membership is all about