COVID-19 Update

Phase 3: restrictions to ease.

It’s been an exciting week, with COVID-19 restrictions set to ease considerably in WA from this weekend. A really brief overview of Phase 3 changes that will affect EDAC include:

  • Gathering limits increased from 20 to 100 (or 300 for venues that can accommodate divided groups of 100)
  • Square metres required per person decreased from 4 to 2 (room capacity doubled)
  • Playgrounds and shared equipment can be used

Click here for additional COVID-19 information and here for EDAC’s current COVID-19 Guidelines.

What changes can we expect at EDAC?

Many mid-week ministries have begun meeting again in various capacities, guided by EDAC’s COVID-19 Guidelines. Contact your leaders to find out if your ministry’s meeting again soon.

Most Life Groups are now meeting in person again, although they never really stopped thanks to Zoom and WhatsApp.

Back-to-back services at Coast Road will commence as soon as possible, at 8:30am and 10:30am Sundays. We would have loved to meet this Sunday but with gatherings limited to 100, and over 220 adults alone regularly attending EDAC, we cannot see a way to meet guidelines at a single service and don’t feel we can rush the jump to two given the added COVID-19 complexities.

Our aim is to prepare well so that when we do start meeting together once more, we do it right; and so our teams are supported and given adequate time to prepare. We recognise that some of you may be disappointed by this, but have made what we believe to be a wise decision both for the short and longer term.

And now?

In the coming days and weeks, we ask you to stand with your EDAC family – we believe it’s likely we’ll experience spiritual opposition as we seek to change and grow. Thanks to all of you who’ve reached out with suggestions, concerns, encouragement and even morning tea (delivered to our staff this morning!).
Consider joining one or more of our prayer initiatives:

  • Prayer SMS group
    Text Coralie on 0437 153 113 and ask to join.
  • Sunday morning Zoom prayer meetings
    Join for pre-service prayer 8:30-9am using this link.
    Meeting ID: 717 8805 8996
    Password: 8UdmZg
  • Mid-week Zoom prayer meetings
    Join between 6:30-7am Monday – Friday. Sign in for as little or as long as you wish using this link.
    Meeting ID: 750 3218 1516
    Password: 2NcFmu

Please mute your microphone on Zoom calls when not speaking.
It’s important that love underpins our thoughts and interactions at what is a critical time in EDAC’s history. Do all you can to adopt a spirit of love and to encourage others to do the same.

EDAC is a group of people, a body, and we need each part to do its part. What can you do over the coming weeks to bless and contribute as a family member? Here are a few suggestions!

  • Keep meeting with others on Sundays for church and consider who else you can invite along
  • Not meeting with others on Sundays? If you need help finding a house or group, let us know and we’ll help get you plugged in
  • Reach out to those you feel prompted to
  • Keep doing life and faith with your Life Group
  • Not in a Life Group? Consider joining one! Click here for more info.
  • Support and attend mid-week ministry as it starts up again
  • Attend training and team meetings
  • Consider volunteering – click here to fill out a serve form

Over and out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy update. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get in touch. 

Russell Holmes,
Senior Pastor